Wheaton College TowerTalks, March 2017
Christian Endurance - Martyrdom and the Resurrection of the Dead



Wheaton College Chapel, Feb. 1, 2017

Discussing, "To live is Christ, and to die is gain."

February 2021 Chapel Message from Northern Seminary - first in the Black History Month Chapel Series (click on Facebook icon above picture)



Faith in the Folds Video Podcast - Ephesians with Lynn Cohick, Feb 4, 2022

God Shows No Favouritism: The Body of Christ and the Household Codes in Ephesians - evening public lecture at Regent College July 13, 2022

Preston Sprinkle Podcast - The Scandal of Christmas, Part 3: Dr. Lynn Cohick – Jan 14, 2022

Women in the New Testament Courses in SeminaryNow are available - click on the picture to the right to find out more ...

Philippians, A Video Study 16 Lessons on History, Meaning, and Application - Zondervan

Lanier Theological Library Evening Speaker Series, "We are the Circumcision Philippians 3 and the Christian Life" 12 Sept 2015

Houston Theology Conference Keynote: "Paul within Judaism and Resurrection" at Houston Christian University February 24, 2023