Denver Seminary Engage 360 podcasts
Meet the Provost session 2 »
(August 26, 2019)

Charitable Orthodoxy in the Conversation about Gender Roles in Ministry session 3 »
(September 2, 2019)

New Testament Scholarship »
(June 22, 2020)

Beeson Divinity School podcast
Episode 399 with Dr. Timothy George »
(July 3, 2018)

OnScript podcast - Conversations on Current Biblical Schoarship
With Erin M. Heim, Dru Johnson, Matthew J Lynch, and Matthew W. Bates »
(January 23, 2018)

Theology for Life: fusing theology & everyday life

Theology for Life was a weekly podcast from 2017-2018» co-hosted by Dr. Ed Stetzer and Dr. Lynn Cohick, who were at that time both faculty members at Wheaton College. Each week, Lynn and Ed visited with Wheaton faculty and theologians from around the world to discuss issues of theology and how we can apply these issues to daily life.

It had its own iTunes channel and also on Google Play. It was also on twitter at @tflpodcasts, hosted and housed by CT. It has since been lost to posterity with the exception of these (you have to click on the icon in the MS Word file - forgive the less than optimal sound quality):

Here are some of the titles of other podcasts (unfortunately not presently available) to give a sense of the scope and range of topics:

  • The City & The Gospel
  • Luther, Calvin, and The Reformation
  • Christology, Creation, and the Gospel of John
  • The Grand Story of God & Our Place in It
  • The Promises and Perils of Power
  • The Exclusive Claim of Christ
  • Does Jesus Vote Republican or Democrat?
  • Art, Law, and the Gospel
  • The Doctrine of Scripture, Translations, and Why It’s Important
  • The Old Testament, Immigration, and Our Love of the Other
  • The Book of Hebrews & Hard Passages for Christians
  • Augustine, the Protestant Reformation, and Why They Are Important Today
  • What’s Love Got to Do with It? Love, Marriage, and the Christian Faith
  • Deuteronomy and Our Understanding of God
  • Christianity in American History: Why Accuracy Matters »
  • Why Theology & Discipleship Are Interwoven
  • The Intersection of Acting & The Christian Faith
  • Rhetoric and Preaching the Gospel
  • Crisis of Doubt/Perserverance in Faith
  • Protestant Denominations: Similarities and Differences
  • False Intimacy: A Discussion on Pornography, the Brain, and Our Faith
  • The Kingdom of God
  • Ephesians 2:8-9: A Discussion on Judaism, the Ancient World, and Grace
  • Kenosis: What Does Philippians 2 Teach Us About Jesus and His Divine Attributes?
  • Mary in Art and Icons
  • Who Is Mary, Jesus’ Mother?
  • The Doctrine of the Incarnation: Why It Matters